Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gentle Pearl

I have an IG named Bug that I got at 3 years old (she just turned 6). She is a puppy mill rescue and was treated horribly before I got her. It took 11 months for her to willingly approach me to be touched. The first two years that I had her she never played with toys or got off of her bed except to eat or - unless approached and then she just ran away.

Pearl has changed all that. Pearl taught Bug how to play and now Bug thinks that Pearl is her very own play toy. Pearl is so gentle with Bug even though she outweighs her by about 55 lbs. Although Bug only has three teeth, she is not afraid of Pearl and loves to attack her. Bug also comes to Pearl for love and attention.

Interestingly, Bug was not that way with my male whom I had when she came and is a year younger. Bug just ignored JD (a retired racing greyhound) or would sit on the edge of his bed but not play. The beautiful thing about Pearl is that she knows to be gentle with Bug but she will go all out with JD and rough house to her heart's content.

Bug’s life is so much richer now that she has a friend and playmate. It took a gentle young lady named Pearl to show Bug that there is true joy in life. Thank you.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

So precious!

Michelle said...

What a sweet story and cute video. :)