Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sterling at four months

Sterling is now 4 mths old and what a four months. As soon as he came home he started grabbing dishtowels off the kitchen drawers. He thought they were great play toys. Since he is the only puppy that showed this behavior at Helen's house it is fitting that he continues to portray this behavior. He loves to carry things in his mouth, just like his mom. He accidentally got a hold of a spoon one day and ran around with it in his mouth, proud as can be. Gerogiana was surprised that he didn’t mind having something metal in his mouth. He willmnow take any metal object with the command "Take it". This will come in useful he begins training for his utility title.

Puppy classes are over and now it is onto conformation/handling classes. It is hard when all he wants to do is visit other dogs and people. He is quite outgoing and social and has a total puppy brain-nothing is to be taken seriously.

Of all the puppies he seems to have inherited the most of Merlin’s mischievous behavior. He is already counter surfing and almost pulled the pressure cooker over on himself. Yet when caught misbehaving, he is so suprised that what he is doing is wrong. He has a smile on his face, “Hi! Where did you come from? Look what I just found!”

He is a lucky puppy and goes to work with Georgiana. She packs his lunch bucket filled with yummy kibble, chicken and other assorted goodies to munch on throughout the day. He also loves to romp and wrestle with his sister Becca during their weekly play dates.


Hiking Hounds said...

Wow, what a lucky boy getting to go to work with mom. And his very own lunch bucket too! Sounds like he is a lot of fun!


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I love his retrieving traits!