Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Becca at 4 Months

Becca just completed her 6 weeks of puppy socialization/basic obedience class. She did well and enjoyed meeting any and everyone she could so they could pet and play with her. She also liked playing with any of the puppies that wanted to play. Quite the social butterfly! She was, however, very curious as to what the "hairy" monster was that approached her at the first class (an adult Sheltie) and did have a bit of a barking spell. After seeing the Sheltie the next week, there no problem with recognizing that it was just a dog.

Becca "wowed" them in the last class with her concertina down--very quick--she slaps right onto the ground--must run in the family as Lyric also slaps right down on the ground when she does a down. Becca knows this exercise as "crash" as Donna is also teaching her the regular down from a sit, using the "down" command instead. It will be useful to know the concertina down in the drop on recall exercise in Open obedience class. Becca is additionally learning to "take" her dumb bell. Next week Donna plans to start conformation handling class with her. Becca is quite fascinated with birds flying overhead, as well as airplanes and helicopters--she either stands or sits very still and stares at them for the longest time. Becca's favorite play time is when her brother, Sterling, visits her for the weekly play date. They love to wrestle in the yard ALL DAY LONG, unfortunately in the part of the Donna's yard that is mostly dirt.

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