Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tanner's Play Group

Last weekend, Tanner and I went to Pup-A-Razzi again to participate in the puppy play group. He did wonderfully with the other pups. He had the most fun with Molly, an Irish Terrier. I also popped him in the tub at the self-service dog wash and fed him treats. I turned the water on and got his feet wet since and gave him more treats he was not bothered by the tub at all. He wanted to drink the water!

I also stopped by his vet's office to see how much he weighs (34lbs). Another reason to stop by the vet's office for this is to continue to build a positive association with the office.

On Sunday we went to a social event put on by my dog training club. He got to met a bunch of English Springer Spaniel puppies that were born the same day he was. He also played with a McNab collie. I was able to let him off leash for that and we practiced some recalls. He did great! It probably helped that I brought really great treats (cooked chicken breast) with me! He also socialized with all the different people. All in all, a great weekend for socialization and a very tired pup!

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Cute! That's great you have access to other puppies his age.