Friday, March 6, 2009

Tanner hangin' out at Pup-A-Razzi

We love Pup-A-Razzi in Beaverton, Oregon! Tanner hung out there last Tuesday and waited for me to get off work. He and I are taking a puppy preschool class Tuesday evenings from Jen at Pup-A-Razzi (she is fantastic!). Tanner hung out with the Day-Training dogs part of the day and behind the counter for during his frequent nap times. I was a little nervous leaving him where I couldn't micromanage his minute to minute activity. Fortunately, the folks at Pup-A-Razzi understand the value of a well behaved dog. They made sure he didn't raise a ruckus! I think he had a good time. He also made friends with another sighthound. This is Petra, she is 13 weeks old and is also in our puppy class.


BrittBeah said...

What a gorgious boy.

Tarmar said...

Thanks! I think so too!