Monday, October 6, 2014

Agility Comparison

Recently Breeze and I entered an agility trial and NQed on all runs. However a friend who does professional video at all the trials did a video comparison with Breeze running against a Border collie, the consistently top Golden in our 24 inch class and the top running Foxhound in the country.

The results were very interesting, Breeze loses ground to the Border collie in the weavepoles and tunnels. Nothing I can do about changing that but otherwise she hold her own and picks up time over the jumps.

And you can see my body position mistake that sent her around the yellow jump for an NQ. When you are running the course it is hard to understand why the dog does what it does and it is easy to blame them for the mistake and NQ. Studying the videos makes it more clear who made the mistake, the handler or the dog. It makes me very motivated to train and be the best we can be.

Go Breeze!!
We will get better

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Anonymous said...

Those are ABSOLUTELY the COOLEST videos!!! Super watching the different breeds run together. Yep, NOT to worry about Breeze--she's awesome and will only get better. :)