Monday, July 21, 2014

Breeze Obedience Practice for her CD

Breeze and I are trying to get ready for her obedience debut at the 2014 Greyhound National Specialty in Lompoc Ca. Due to her injured and then twice reinjured toe, agility and obedience have been on hold for months. Between her injury and my depression over losing Lyric we have barely trained. The times we have trained have not gone well. Normally she has a strong work ethic, loves the time doing things together and rewards.

 Once we went back to training she has had a short attention, quiet and low energy. I actually wondered if greyhounds can get depressed without running.
Recently she has been allowed to run, tug and play in a foot bandage and her focus and energy seems to be coming back. Knock on wood her foot looks great and her attitude is excellent again.
However to have our first run through days before a show, minimal training distractions and no matchs under our belt is more than I have ever asked from any of my dogs.

Her first run through was excellent... now if we can pull it off after traveling out of town, staying at a hotel, and performing in a different park....


Anonymous said...

Breeze looks GREAT!!!!! Could be our HIT at Lompoc. :)


Stoutheartedhounds said...

I love Breeze :) She is so good!