Saturday, April 12, 2014

Breeze AX

It took a long time to earn 3 Excellent Standard legs. Something always went wrong. At first it was weavepole entrances but contacts were great. After practicing and practicing, weave entrances were much more reliable but the contacts broke. Then the table broke, then distance never a strong point broke. Once we fixed one problem, another would surface. It seemed to take a long time to get in sink but in reality, we trial less than once a month.

On her first Ex Std leg, weave entrances were still broken and you can see how I have to guide her to the poles.

The second leg came months later. I was so excited that we were Qing I forgot what to do just before the last jump. I went to front cross then realized I didn't need to and almost knocked her off the jump.

The last leg and her title was memorial. The day before the run it rained SO hard, it sounded like bullets on the roof. Ducks were swimming just outside the rings. After the teeter and to the tunnel you can see the ducks in the distance. Imagine running and looking over and seeing ducks almost beside you. We again almost got a refusal at the weavepoles but luckily with all our practice she has learned to rear cross weaves.

She is now SBIS Ch Aragon Northern Lights TD RN AX AXJ JC

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Hiking Hounds said...

Congratulations, she looks great and very happy!