Thursday, February 20, 2014

Echo CDX

Last month Echo and I were in an obedience trial trying for her 3rd CDX leg and we did it!! The obedience trial was huge-33 dogs in her class. She ended up with a fourth place, not bad for a greyhound. She had a no finish which cost us a tie for first place. Oh well... I am so proud of her anyway. She has been my easiest dog in a long time to train for her CDX, 3 legs out of 6 attempts. Two were NQs due to not dropping on the cold or rainy wet ground-understandable for a greyhound. One was an NQ when she got up to do the broad jump on her name. I have always used their name then the command. After that NQ for anticipation, I changed to the command only. It worked well for Echo and I will probably change in the future and no longer use their name. If they are paying attention, they don't need the added cue of their name.

It's not all about work. When the dogs do something for me(like obedience etc) I try to take them out and let them have some fun of their chosing.

Echo is now my third VCD2 greyhound(Versatile Companion Dog). To earn a VCD2 the dog must have a CDX+TD+OA+OAJ. Now we look forward to Utility!!!


houndstooth said...

That's a long list of accomplishments! Way to go, Echo!89885639

Janette Ash said...

Just discovered your blog, having great fun going through the archives. Your hounds are gorgeous. I have had the pleasure of living with Lilly our adopted ex-racing greyhound for 1-1/2 years. We are keeping busy trying our hand at obedience, Rally O and agility. I look forward to following your blog and your accomplishments, Thanks for sharing. Janette Ash

Hazel said...

The pictures of that winning greyhound show a face meant for stardom, and the accomplishments are huge. You must be a dedicated and knowledgeable owner/trainer.

Anonymous said...

A very nice write up--congrats again--great accomplishment!!! Loved the "playing" photo. :)

Donna and Becca