Monday, November 26, 2012

November Agility

After Echo injured her toe I was bummed about the Thanksgiving agility trial. She and Whisper were entered and I was looking forward to taking just the two of them to the trial. Some competition, some down time and some play time with just the two dogs. Since this is my favorite agility site I decided to go but take Lyric instead. The show site is Murietta Equine Center and has lots of walking trails for the dogs.

Between the runs I walked both dogs around the area and discovered flocks of redwinged blackbirds, killdeer, geese, meadowlarks and a host of other birds.

Along the way we stopped and visited curious friends

There were ponds dotting the property

All in all a relaxing way to spend the time between the runs.

Because Lyric is working on her TDX it was a perfect location to lay track and run at the end of the day. I laid short training tracks two days in a row. The first day she learned that track can cross roads and they need to be searched for along side and across the road. The second day she learned that tracks can be 3+hours old. She did super and encouraged me to try for her TDX this year.

In addition to the hiking and tracking we met a professional photographer who takes and sells pictures to Brown Trout calendars. If you see a black and white parti and a red dog in next years calendars-that is probably Lyric and Whisper taken this weekend.

During the down time between Whisper's runs a friend let me run her two Border Collies Maja and TCam. I should say these are World Competition caliber dogs. One dog TCam was on the world team which was held in the Czech Republic this year. What a blast!!! I had so much fun handling a different breed and yes Border collies are fast and agile. It is like trying to control a launched missile. My legs hurt the next day from trying to handle/run them. Videos will be in the next post.

After the day it was back to the hotel to relax. I often have a hard time relaxing at home. Too many chores to do. In a hotel there is nothing to do but relax, read a good book, watch TV and cuddle with the dogs. Too fun!!! A great weekend.
Videos on Whisper's, Maja's and TCam's run on the next post.

And yes Whisper did great also. She earned 3 more QQs this weekend giving her 19 QQs towards her MACH2!


Hiking Hounds said...

What a beautiful location! Just looking at the pictures made me relax. Looking forward to the videos.

Anonymous said...

3 QQs in a weekend? Are you kidding?

Go Whisper!!

Anonymous said...

You should do MORE relaxing!!! :) Lovely photos.