Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lompoc Part 3 2012

After the shows the fun began. Several of Whisper's puppies were at  the show  and got together for a photo shoot Whisper(Ch MACH Aragon Lunar Eclipse VCD2 TDX RE OF JC) and Brego(GCH Aroi Aryal Remarkable). In the back row is Breeze(Aragon Northern Lights), Emma(Aragon Emerald Hills),Goose(Aragon Golden Canyon),Riser(Aragon Full Moon Rising) and Willa(Aragon Desert Willow). Unfortunately Bruce(Aragon Helios Blue Spruce) had to leave with his owner to go over and help set up the lure trial.They have just turned a year old.

Then it was Lyric's puppies turn. Laying down in the front row is Tanner(Ch Aragon Silver Oak RN) and Darby(BISS GCH Aragon Aroi Silver Lining RE CD). Back row is Becca(Ch Aragon Morning Mist BN CD RA) Echo(GCH Aragon Black Ice VCD1 RE AX OAJ) Lyric(BISS GCH Aryal Aroi Stoney Ridge VCD2 RE AX AXJ SC) and Bryn(GCH Aragon Mystic Pearl) with their respective owners. Nice to have the whole litter back together . They are now 3 1/2 yrs old.

Then it was over to the lure course to let the dogs have some fun.  Unfortunately lure course pictures are still pending. But all the dogs got to run and the puppies got a short fun run practice.

Then it was over to Lisa's RV in the evening for BBQ, drinks, socializing and well earned rest. Puppies seem to have endless energy and Breeze was no exception. Despite sleeping in a new hotel, showing all day in sweeps and the classes, photo shoot, and lure coursing she kept on going. Below is her playing with Darby, Dede, Andretti and Q(the token greyhound or a real Italian greyhound) in Lisa's RV.

Then back to show to start all over again the next day!

Exhausting but definitely fun. Hope to see more friends in 2013 at Lompoc.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Lots of play for an RV hallway. LOL :-) Congrats to everyone! Love the suitcase photo in the first post. :-)

Hiking Hounds said...

It looks like the pups and people had a great time. I love the RV play.

Anonymous said...

Great time in Lompoc, but it went by WAY TOO FAST!!!


houndstooth said...

Those are some busy hounds! The family portraits look fantastic. How can those puppies be a year old already? I remember reading about them being born!