Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Puppy Agility

Last weekend 5 of Whisper's puppies got together for an agility lesson Riser, Kahlua, Emma, Goose and Breeze. All the puppies got to learn the various agility equipment and beginning handling.

Goose loved the wobble board-the beginning equipment to teach the teeter. At ground level they learn equipment may be unstable under their feet but all is okay. Goose kept trying to jump on the wobble board and wanted to demonstrate his skill for all. Janet had a hard time keeping him off the board so other dogs could practice.

Next taught was the table. Lots of praise and treats for jumping and staying on the table. Kahlua with Shelby demonstrates how to earn treats and praise for something so easy.

The Aframe was lowered but even then some puppies were nervous. Riser was very unsure about this piece of equipment and thought it may be best to skip it. Marie persisted and after he went up and down a couple of times Marie couldn't keep him off of it. He kept dragging her over to climb it again and again and again.

Then came the tunnel, scary to some, fun for others. Breeze has a tunnel in the backyard so has been going through one since she could walk. All learned to go through but some had more enthusiasm than others.

Then came the jumping, single jumps only 12 inches high were practiced.

Finally the puppies graduated to a series of two, then three, then four jumps in a row. Emma demonstrates how it is done-and with style.

Finally the lesson was done-handlers tired but the puppies still wanted more.


Anonymous said...

Such fun for the pups AND their owners!!! There are some really great photos. :)

Donna and Proud Papa, Brego

Krinth said...

this is good. but the trainer is the best of them all. :)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Love it!

Hiking Hounds said...

Thanks for your nice comment! I am thinking about the CD now. :-) Glad the puppies are all doing so well and having lots of fun.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

How awesome to see the pups learning and having fun at the same time:) That's what it should all be about!