Saturday, January 7, 2012

Echo's Turn

Echo has been training in agility since she was a youngster. Initally she enjoyed it but last year just as I was getting ready to enter her in a trial she hit a jump-and hit it hard. She cried and was lame for a while. Well that did it in her mind for agility. It would hurt her and was not to be played again. Having learned from her mother Lyric I gave her a long time off of training. She would come to class but only watch. After several months she cautiously would run agility but often would duck out of scary jumps. Slowly over time her willingness increased until by New Years Eve I was ready to try with her.

Three shows three standard legs all with a first place for her NA and three jumpers legs all with a second place for her NAJ.

And best of all she seemed to have fun. It was a good confidence builder for her.


Hiking Hounds said...

She looks great, definitely like she's having fun. :-)

Anonymous said...

Echo looks awesome and really has speed on the course!! Good job!!!

Donna and her adoring sister, Becca

Janice said...

Wonderful to see!
Janice, Ed & Morgan

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Echo and Helen!.
Another dynamic duo.
She's a beautiful dog to watch run the course.
Again -what a pair.

Marie and Bryn ( her sis)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

She is a big jumper. I wonder why it worries her some. She looked great. I didn't see any worries. Good girl, Echo.