Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ch Aragon Morning Mist CD RA

When I went to Helen’s in early 2009 to decide on a puppy from Lyric’s litter, I was very interested in one that I could show in competitive obedience. All my other obedience trained Greyhounds were adults when I started with them--I really wanted to start with a puppy. At 8 weeks Becca was the puppy that followed me around Helen's yard. She would check in with me as we explored the back yard together. Since she obviously had chosen me how could I not choose her? So she came home with me at 9 wks of age.

After obedience classes and Rally competition, we decided to get “serious” and pursue her CD title. At the Greyhound Club Specialty in July, she went High in Trial with a score of 189, and then at the Greyhound Club of Northern California Specialty in October, she earned a 2nd place with a score of 192. At the Valley Hills All Breed Obedience Trial on December 10, Becca finished her CD title with a 184.5, and as a couple of extra “bonuses” thrown in, she earned a 3rd place in the Novice B class with 16 entries and was High Scoring Hound at the Trial that day. Thank you Becca, for making me so proud.


Danny said...

I'll be getting my own greyhound next year, though it will be a retired racer, and I am planning on trying out competitive obedience for the first time.

I'm hoping for a young male (necessarily an unsuccessful racer) with what passes for high drive in a grey. Besides being more people oriented, are there any other characteristics that you think go into a good obedience hound?

Anonymous said...

Way to go Becca and Donna. You did a fantastic job. What will you be working on next?

Tarmar said...

Hi Danny, that's a great question! Look for a greyhound that is active, that likes to play with toys and that really loves treats.

Of course, you also want to make sure that the personality matches yours. Sometimes, there is just one individual that catches your eye or the attaches itself to you. The most important thing is that you can live with the hound you take home.

You should take a look at our friend Jennifer's blog Jennifer volunteers with SEGA and is top notch at picking out working prospects from among the greys they get in for foster. She is also an extremely talented and gifted trainer.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

houndstooth said...

What an accomplished young lady she is! I think it's always best to go with the dog who chooses you! :)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Big congrats, Donna and Becca! Thanks for the plug, Tamar! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, Thank you!! We are planning to continue with obedience and working toward the Open level in hopes of achieving Becca's CDX title. She should enjoy it since it involves jumping and retrieving the dumb bell--lots of fun.

Danny said...

Thanks for the advice! It's actually funny that you recommend Jennifer's blog- that's how I found this one! The online performance greyhound community is pretty tight knit, it seems. She really is talented, and her blog is amazing.

I've been working with all sorts of dogs my whole life, so my current plan is to look for a hound that would be too much for a less experienced handler. I like the crazy, overenthusiastic ones! So much to work with, once they get with the program.