Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Echo's Weekend

Echo had a great weekend at the DelValle Kennel Club and Greyhound Club of Northern California shows. On Saturday the Greyhound Club of Northern California had its specialty. It started the event with 6 obedience entries. Not only did Echo earn her first leg towards her CD her first time in the ring, she went High In Trial with a 198. Unfortunately the video got deleted. She may rival Whisper in obedience. Her sister Becca also earned her second leg towards her CD.

Then later in the day was conformaton. Echo earned an Award of Merit. Her brother Darby went Best Op Sex and her sister Bryn went Select Bitch. So it was all in the family.

The next day was DelValle Kennel Club the all breed dog show. Echo was entered in Rally Excellent and earned her third leg for her Rally Excellent title with a three tie for first place. Way to go Echo. I think she is starting to grow up.

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houndstooth said...

Congratulations! She's quite the accomplished lady, with a very accomplished family! :)