Saturday, August 13, 2011

Becca's Lompoc Report

Less is Sometimes More When Training - from Donna and Becca

Becca and I have taken a break from obedience training for the past couple of months due to a variety of life events. When the entry deadline approached for the obedience trial at the Greyhound Club of America Specialty in Lompoc, I hesitated to enter Becca. However, I also wanted to support the Club! Eventually, I went ahead and entered her in Novice B.

It is said that 99% of the missed points in the obedience ring are the handler's fault. This day was no exception. I was pretty nervous at the trial and made the same mistake not once but TWICE while in the ring! I anticipate the command to halt at the end of both the on- and the off-leash heeling. Sigh. Nonetheless, Becca did what she was asked to do and we still qualified! Thus she earned the first leg of the three she needs for her CD (Companion Dog title). I was very proud of her!

The next day, there was a lure coursing trial that Becca and I went to watch. Since Becca seemed so keen on the lure, I took advantage of the fun runs after the trial. It was a nice way to “reward” for her performance the day before. Slipping Becca was like releasing a tightly wound rubber band. She had great follow and was blazing fast. It was amazing to see her perform on the field as only a greyhound can. I am now contemplating pursuing some field titles with her. She is in complete agreement!

At the end of that day, she was definitely tired. I enjoyed the contented look on her sweet face as she dreamt about catching that “bunny”.


Hiking Hounds said...

Congratulations! It sounds like it was a great trip. I love how happy they are after they get to chase the bunny.

houndstooth said...

Congratulations! It sounds like it was well worth it. I love watching them course!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Well done:) Just as well you did enter!

I've only done lure coursing with Beryl once and she loved it!! It took her about 6 hours to come back down to earth, which was when the little cut on her toe began to hurt and she began to limp! She'd been so intent on the lure that she hadn't noticed the machine that works the lure and crashed straight into it, did a big somersault and got up looking slightly confused but virtually uninjured. When I had a closer look at the tiny cut it was short but deep so off to the vets after hours we went for a couple of staples. The vet said it just missed the tendon so we were lucky. While she would love to do some more lure coursing I'm not so keen now, lol!