Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pupdate Day 1

Whisper is showing good mothering instincts. She is nursing and cleaning the pups and taking good care of them. Everyone seems to be settling in and doing well.

Here are a few first day photos of some of the puppies. The pink collars are the girls, the blue collars are the boys. Thank you Lisa for making it easy to ID puppies!

As of today we "puppy named" all the puppies. These are their call names until they go to their new home then their name changes to whatever the person wants. It prevents calling them "puppy 1" or Blue puppy etc. So when we upload pics they will be called by that name.

Puppy 1-Blue brindle boy=MJ(Merlin Junior)
Puppy 2-Black and White parti girl=Little Wisp
Puppy 3-Dark red brindle boy=Brodie
Puppy 4-Red Brindle parti girl(small color spot on rump)=Dove
Puppy 5-Red Brindle parti girl(no color spot on tail all white tail)=Jewel
Puppy 6-Dark red brindle boy=Bret
Puppy 7-Heavily marked Red brindle boy=Batman
Puppy 8-Black female=Midnight
Puppy 9-Blue brindle girl=Bluebell


Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Whisper looks like she's done all this before:) Very relaxed, great for her and the puppies (and owners!). I'm a sucker for blue brindles, will be especially looking forward to seeing Merlin and Bluebell grow. Lovely names too.

houndstooth said...

Our girl Blueberry says Bluebell is a much better name choice! lol They are all just beautiful!

Do they all have homes waiting for them? Not that I can have one, but oh, they are just so cute!

jet said...

lovely pups with their tiny pink feet and noses!!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Love those blue brindles!

Lisa Foxworthy Stine said...

Me too!!!!!

Michelle said...

Love the partis! Love all the names. :)