Friday, February 18, 2011

More Agility

Every weekend this month is either agility or tracking. A busy month. Last weekend was agility only and once again quite humbling. Just when you think you know how to handle every situation, a new one comes along to teach you that you are wrong. Either my decisions for handling are getting worse or we are just going through a dry spell. Either way it is frustrating. Our Q rate is remarkably low. To think one time I posted we Qed 75% of the time in Excellent. Well no longer.

This last weekend we were entered in Novice Fast to practice contacts. It doesn't really seem to count Qing in that class. We only Qed one out of four Excellent runs. However the Jumpers run did have a hard weavepole entrance. If I wasn't feeling so discouraged at that point(last run of the weekend) I wouldn't have risked handling the weavepole entrance like we did. A push to the left and a rear cross. It was the best way to handle the course and it worked our only Q that weekend. Maybe sometimes I just have to trust that Whisper knows her job and stop micromanaging situations.


Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Wow, that looked darn good to me:) I think dogs themselves are humbling let alone trying to train and compete with them. Whisper is having so much fun though, she probably enjoys the bad runs as much as the good ones, lol:) Love your videos!

Hiking Hounds said...

That was a great run! I bet it's just a dry spell.

I love Colorado. I often wish I lived there.

Anonymous said...

The run on the video looked great to me!!! The "humbling goes with the territory" from time to time. Don't get too discouraged or be so hard on yourself. :)