Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wow Weekend

Last weekend we went off to an agility trial at my favorite location in Rancho Murietta. It is an indoor covered horse arena that is often cold which helps the dog run faster. In addition to Lyric, I of course, ran Whisper. Although we didn't QQ we had some great runs. The second day she won her jumpers class of 22 dogs with this run. She earned 26 more MACH points and ran it in her fastest time to date. Definitely a fun run.

On the last day she had an equally fabulous Standard run and won her class of 20. She earned another 48 MACH points and ran it in record time. As she likes to jump the dog walk and A frame down contact, I am working hard on getting her to hold until released. This weekend she did! Her jumpers run was great but tight and twisty. We knocked bars which caused an NQ.
She was having a blast running in the cold.

Echo went out tracking one of the days on our down time. She is almost ready to certify and enter a tracking test. A fun weekend for all.


whygreyhounds said...

WOW.... congrats to you all! Whisper looks like she is having a ball!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Good girl, Whisper!!!

houndstooth said...

Way to go Whisper! That is awesome!

Hiking Hounds said...

Wow, you two look great! I hope we get there some day.

Muttsandaklutz said...

Wow for sure -- nice runs, so speedy and happy!

Anonymous said...

Whisper is always such a pleasure to watch perform. Someday her tail is going to smack her in her face on the weave poles!!! :)