Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bowed Tendons

Last weekend while training obedience in the local park I had all three dogs with me working. After working I play ball or frisbee and let each one run for a few minutes. I was just finishing with the last dog Echo letting her run and play when the local police drove up and came out directly to me. Busted for dogs off leash I thought but no they wanted to see what the dogs were doing and wanted to see the greyhounds run. So I took Whisper off leash and did a few Open exercises then let her run. To show off I let Echo off leash too and the two of them went racing around the park. After about three minutes I called them in and Whisper was lame. Of course two weeks before our specialty with one day of obedience and three days of agility for her.

Swelling on the right side of the right leg.

Normal left foot for comparison

Both legs for comparison

She damaged her flexer tendons behind the metacarpal region-an injury called bowed tendons. After weeks of rest she should be okay but no agility next weekend-and maybe no obedience. Just goes to prove if you want to show off-don't.. bad things happen.


houndstooth said...

Oh, ouch! We've been very lucky and haven't had any injuries like that. I hope we never do! Hopefully Echo's feeling better soon!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Oh poop!! What a shame. I've heard of bowed tendons in horses but didn't know dogs got it too. I hope Echo recovers sooner than expected, but I guess it won't be in time for the competitions. I probably would have done the same thing too, I love watching Beryl and her mates run!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

As they say in obedience school, "HEEL". Hope your injury heals very quickly!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. Hope she's good as new real soon.


Sandy ~~~ said...

Thanks for showing her off though, probably made the officers' day (my profession).

At least if it was going to happen, it happened with some time for her to heal. I am used to bowed tendons in horses and it's a long rehab for them...bigger babies than our dogs!