Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bryn Again ( by Marie Hamilton)

I thought it would be nice to have nothing to do. As usual, I am WRONG again. This is boring. All I to do is sleep, play with the Frisbee (if I can get Marie or Tom to throw it), eat, chase birds, and dig holes in the lawn after Marie waters it. Nice soft stuff and real messy. But it is fun to chase the water from the sprinkler. Soda, Gator and I spend a lot of time barking at the Chihuahua’s (an endless supply of those) running free in the street. They sure are aggressive and unfriendly little things.

Marie is working to help me become more relaxed in the ring. (I think it is Marie who needs to be more relaxed). Really I am having fun, but I get more attention if I act like I don’t want to do it. At the Klamath Falls show, I was a little brat and everyone was playing with me and giving me treats. If it worked once, why not try it again.

I am sensing that another show is coming soon. Marie and I have been outside in the evening doing the stacking thing along with learning “stand and stay”.

It’s too hot to play outside much. I really like to lie on the bed in front of the fan.

Gator tries to beat me to the bed, but I am faster.

I was right about a show coming up (pretty good for a dog). This was another long ride in the RV. to a place called Lompoc. This was a 3 day show with Lure coursing too. I got into a little trouble when I slipped my collar twice and ran the lure twice before I was supposed to. But when it my turn to go, I had fun until the lure stopped near the end. I guess I stopped too hard and injured my shoulder. So I am on the “be quiet-don’t run” list.

And I thought it was boring earlier in the summer. NO FRISBEE- Marie hid it

More later-if I ever get to do anything besides REST!!!


houndstooth said...

Aww, Bryn, I'm sorry you got hurt! It's been too hot here to do much of anything outside. I sure hope it cools off so I can go out and do something fun soon!


dw said...

Hi there Bryn! Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my bloggie! I do believe the bird in the first pic in my crane post is a goldfinch. They were flying around mostly the whooping cranes and barn swallows were flitting around, too, but wouldn't sit still for a photo op. You sure are a cute greyhound. I look forward to reading more about your adventures.

Lisa Stine said...

good to see bryn front and center again! she's growing up so pretty!!!

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