Thursday, September 24, 2009

Combo Weekend of Highs and Lows

This past weekend was the Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club shows. They are a combination of conformation and agility shows.

Whisper was entered both days in agility in Excellent B Jumpers and Standard for Mach points. Lyric, Echo and Sterling were entered in the conformation shows.

I got to the shows very early perhaps too early?-before Sun up-oops miscalculated the times.Stumbled around in the dark a lot until the sun came up and I could see. At least I got great parking! It was on and off raining-a rarity in California this time of year. Footing was iffy and in fact a lady running her Beagle slid and fell, breaking her ankle. The ambulance folks came and took her away. Not a good omen!

In fact we did not qualify in either agility run. Although the courses seemed simple, errors occurred and we did not shine (nor did the sun).

In conformation Echo did not shine either. In fact, she placed last in her class!! Big Bummer. Lyric won breed but did nothing in the groups.

The bright spot of the day was that Sterling went Winners dog and Best of Winners for his second major! To top it off, he was also awarded Puppy Group 1! Congrats to Lisa and Sterling!

Sunday at least I got to the show after the sun was up. In Jumpers (agility) we again had some silly mistake. They were either Whisper's or mine, I don’t know. I was getting discouraged at this point. The last run of the day was in Standard. We did slightly better and qualified with a second place and 18 MACH points. Our first points towards to the massive goal of 750 pts for a MACH! We also need to double qualify (qualify in both jumpers and standard on the same day) but we will need to do that 20 times to earn Whisper's MACH. Yikes this MACH thing is going to be harder to accomplish than I thought.

We got our run on video. Why is it that one always thinks they handle better than in fact they do. Maybe my handling wasn’t top notch because I was wearing conformation show clothes and was confused? Okay, maybe not. We just need to keep going to class and keep working.

In conformation Echo beat her mother for the breed. I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later but I thought it would be later. To have a 9 month puppy beat a top special is unusual to say the least. Echo is quickly closing in her first title-breed Championship.

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I think you are doing great especially considering the clothes and the mud! You are too hard on yourself. The QQs will come. It was so slow going for Travis for a couple of years. The QQs were so few and far. But then suddenly it came together and he'd get 6 in a row. So just keep working at it.

And way to go, Echo! That is a big deal!