Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sterling and Echo's first show

This weekend both Echo and Sterling were entered in Del Monte Kennel Club show as a test run for Lompoc. Both Lisa and I have been working hard to teach the puppies how to show for the big sighthound show the end of July. The puppies were wild with excitement when we first arrived at the show grounds-so many people so little time to meet and greet. Both dogs did quite
well in the ring and both took Winners Dog and Winners Bitch from the 6-9 mth puppy class both days. The first day the puppies got their first points and first major! Sterlings performance will be chronicled by Lisa.

I quickly learned with Echo one thing we need to stop working on is sitting for treats. In the ring when we stopped for the judge to go over the dog she quickly sat and looked up at me for her reward. I repositioned her and she again quickly sat. We did this several times-the judge was not laughing so I did and said well she is confused about what ring she is in. At least it made him smile. Except for the sitting thing she did great and I was really proud of her. When we went into the ring and stacked, I miscalculated and stacked too soon. This is a hard thing for a puppy to hold still that long and I should have repositioned her to give her a break. I kept thinking the judge would turn around so made her hold her position. It turned out we must have stood that way for 2-3 minutes. She was so good. Her gaiting was perfect. Lompoc here we come!!

Lyric showed equally well both days but Best of Breed went to another dog both days. Whisper wasn't entered but went along for moral support.

After the conformation it was up to the obedience ring to watch Andretti try for his third leg for his CD. Although he did super in the individual exercises the group sits and down were too much for him and he laid down to rest. Ah well there was always the next day. We then went over to the shade and lined up all the dogs for a group down stay and photo session. It is nice to have obedience trained dogs. Even puppies should be able to handle this. It was a little hard though since it was a new area and strange dogs kept walking around. However the picture proves all can do it.

Then it was time for some human fun. Some of the greyhound exhibitors went with us to Forge in the Valley, a lovely little dog friendly restaurant in Carmel Valley. Dogs are allowed to be with their owners on the patio. I think only at a dog show would one find 6 greyhounds, two Gt Danes, one Bernese Mtn Dog, one English Bulldog, two dachshunds, some little white dogs all sitting or laying quietly at their owners feet in a small patio area. I wish the public would take lessons from dog people on behavior, it would lead to a lot less dog restrictions and regulations.

The next day was more of the same-Echo and Sterling did super in the ring and again both went Winners Dog and Winners Bitch for one point each.

Andretti did qualify in obedience and earned his CD. Yeah!!!!!!!!

After they work hard showing for me, I like to do something for the dogs. They like free running best of all so Lyric, Whisper and Echo and I went to Ft Ord to run their hearts content. All in all a very busy tiring weekend.

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